Lithuanians Launch NFT Auction – All Money To Be Donated To Ukrainian Fighters

Communication agency Fabula Rud Pedersen Group, together with NFT giants, is launching the NFTs 4 Peace project in support of Ukraine's fight for freedom. Unique works of art united by the theme of Russia's war against Ukraine are offered for purchase at NFT auction. All the money raised at the auction will go towards strengthening the Ukrainian resistance.

All the money raised at the auction will go towards strengthening the Ukrainian resistance.<br>AP / Scanpix nuotr.
All the money raised at the auction will go towards strengthening the Ukrainian resistance.<br>AP / Scanpix nuotr.
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Apr 19, 2022, 12:55 PM, atnaujinta Apr 19, 2022, 12:56 PM

„As we care for the future of Ukraine, we must also employ the future technologies. NFT is changing modern art and the value perception of art, yet each work retains the ability to convey a message – perhaps even more powerfully than before, creating emotional connections between audience members, uniting communities. That is why NFTs 4 Peace will help to raise support, break down walls of indifference, bring communities together and allow to get to know better the talents involved in the project,“ says Raminta Rimkienė, Director and Partner at Fabula Rud Pedersen Group.

The largest NFT marketplace Opensea is already hosting the first NFTs 4 Peace auction [], inviting bids in cryptocurrencies for dozens of digital works by artists from Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, United Kingdom and Austria. Cartoons, memes, drawings have become a lifeline in an ocean of cruel and crushing news. Artists' works serves as not only an important weapon in the information war, but also a daily emotional support. With the help of the NFT, art can be transformed into real help for Ukraine. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will become the owner of the desired NFT. 100% of the proceeds from the NFTs 4 Peace auction will be transferred directly to the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.

With losses in Ukraine rising by billions of dollars every day because of Russian aggression, even a small amount of support for Ukraine can make the difference and save life for a freedom fighter. As the horror of Russia continues into its second month, the initiators of the project are convinced that it is important not to get tired and to continue supporting the country under attack.

That is why Fabula and are actively looking for new ways to remind people of the need to contribute to Ukraine's victory. This time, the experience of, a highly successful and reputable Lithuanian project on the NFT market selling land on Mars as a NFT, was the key.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are unique and act as non-copyable and unhackable certificates in cyberspace. They certify that a digital asset or work of art belongs to a specific person and no one else.

Tomas Markūnas, CEO of, notes that NFT is one of the fastest growing blockchain based technologies in the world, with NFT sales reaching USD 25 billion in 2021. The benefits are mutual: developers earn and buyers can safely invest any amount of money. Lithuanians aim to give the project an even greater meaning – to help the Ukrainian army defend their country from aggressors.

The administration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has taken new approaches to raising funds for its military since the outbreak of war. In addition to the standard war bond purchases, Kiev is also inviting cryptocurrency donations. Ukraine has already raised more than USD 60 million in cryptocurrency donations. According to Kiev, this money is being used to purchase bulletproof vests, helmets, radios and medical supplies.

You can join NFTs 4 Peace by participating in the auction or by donating your artwork. If you would like to donate your artwork to the project, please contact More information about the project can be found at

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