Political analyst: there is more than one amateur in Šimonytė's Government. At least three ministers should be replaced

Kęstutis Girnius, a political analyst who called Gabrielius Landsbergis, the leader of the conservatives who heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an amateur, thinks that there are more such people in the current Government.

N. Pelosi visited Taiwan.<br>AP/Scanpix nuotr.
N. Pelosi visited Taiwan.<br>AP/Scanpix nuotr.
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Aug 3, 2022, 4:55 PM

K.Girnius, a political scientist at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University, is convinced that Landsbergis deserves to be interpellated.

It is true that not only because of the scandalous transit to Kaliningrad's story, in which Lithuania, which was blowing its nose, received a resounding slap in the face but also because of a series of mistakes.

„In such a sensitive situation, we are entitled to a competent foreign minister, not an amateur one. But, unfortunately, we have an amateur,“ Girnius said on Žinių radio.

But the political analyst, who has called the leader of the conservatives a showman, also believes that there are more amateurs in the Government led by Ingrid Šimonytė.

Speaking to Lietuvos rytas, the political analyst named at least three more ministers who lack the ability to lead ministries and who, in his opinion, should be replaced.

„His problem is that he never explains what is really going on. For some time now, the Minister has been talking about some mysterious box from which he promises to pull out some tool, and everything will be sorted out. It sounds nice, but what it means is unknown.

When he became Minister, Dulkys also promised to present a detailed plan for dealing with the pandemic, but nobody has seen it.

Now he is doing something similar. The number of new cases of coronavirus infection is increasing rapidly, and the impression is that the Government once again has no strategy as to what it will do.

It looks very much as if nothing will be done. Maybe this is the right policy, but maybe it should be explained to the people, and they should be told that they will have to decide for themselves whether or not they want to wear masks, whether or not they want to go to restaurants, and that their safety is their concern. And now, silence.“

Girnius, who admitted that it would not be easy for any other minister to lead health care during a pandemic, thinks that Dulkys lacks competence and that this post is too challenging for him.

The political analyst is convinced that if the Prime Minister had been more demanding, Justice Minister Ewelina Dobrowolska and Agnė Bilotaitė, who heads the Ministry of the Interior, should have left their posts already.

According to Girnius, Dobrowolska is almost inaudible and completely invisible. The political expert missed her voice in the dispute over the transit to Kaliningrad when it was necessary to explain the story's subtleties and the legal aspects.

The political analyst also believes that Dobrowolska should have taken a more prominent position in relation to Bilotaitė's controversial policy of reversing illegal migrants. The latter is criticised by international organisations and is reaping political dividends in Lithuania, while the Minister of Justice remains silent because she is also afraid of losing her popularity.

Girnius is convinced that Bilotaitė should follow the ratings and what is right and in line with the rules of the European Union.

In any case, the political expert doubts that there are any major threats to Landsbergis and other ministers at the moment, as the opposition is simply incapable of forming a different ruling coalition.

Moreover, both the opposition and the President, who conflict with the ruling party, may be interested in ensuring that the Government or its members make as many mistakes as possible before the elections.

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