The reaction of Navickienė after Nausėda suggested that some ministers should „take a break“

When the Peasants' and Greens' Union (LVŽS) faction in the Seimas discussed impeachment of the resigned Minister of Social Security and Labour Monika Navickienė, she said that her colleagues have the right to do so, so they can certainly do it.

Monika Navickienė.<br>J.Kalinsko (ELTA) nuotr.
Monika Navickienė.<br>J.Kalinsko (ELTA) nuotr.
Gitanas Nausėda prezidento rinkimai 2024, Valdovų rūmai, spaudos konferencija po rinkimų, antras turas<br>T.Bauro nuotr.
Gitanas Nausėda prezidento rinkimai 2024, Valdovų rūmai, spaudos konferencija po rinkimų, antras turas<br>T.Bauro nuotr.
Ingrida Šimonytė Gitanas Nausėda<br>T.Bauro nuotr.
Ingrida Šimonytė Gitanas Nausėda<br>T.Bauro nuotr.
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2024-06-20 14:29

Navickienė also reacted to President Gitanas Nausėda's words that some ministers should „take a break“ during the next elections.

„It’s colleagues' right. I cannot forbid my colleagues to raise questions – I think that I have taken responsibility to the extent that it is up to me, what was up to me as a decision-maker, and as for the other things, it is probably the right of colleagues to raise questions,“ Navickienė commented when asked what she thinks about the impeachment initiated by the Peasants.

She did not hesitate to say whether such a move would be justified, citing the approaching Seimas elections.

Ms Navickienė assured that, if necessary, she would once again answer all the questions raised by the politicians in a special commission.

The former Minister also reacted to the words of the Head of State, Nausėda, who said that some ministers „should take a break“. The President considered that he would not participate in the Seimas elections if he were in the place of Ms Navickienė.

„That is for her to decide. I can only say what I would do – not participate. If I want to stay in politics, I might do it after a certain period, after understanding and acknowledging my mistakes. Perhaps after showing by my activities that I am trying to correct those mistakes,“ Nausėda told LRT television.

However, Navickienė also gave her response.

„I respect the President's opinion. However, I would not like double standards from the President, and I will probably decide on my political future personally after consulting with my political community.

Just that the standard should be the same for everyone,“ Navickienė expressed her wish.

When asked whether she was referring to Social Democrat Mindaugas Sinkevičius, she did not specify his name.

„No, I'm just summarising“, Navickienė replied.

On Thursday, the Delfi portal wrote that Navickas's company is carrying out large construction projects in the airport territory, but its financial indicators are not the best. Some politicians are already raising questions about unjust enrichment.

„I think that all the institutions have to do their job and answer all the questions – this will be done.

I have absolute confidence in the institutions,“ the former Minister said.

„No, it was not,“ Navickienė said when asked if her family had illicit enrichment.

According to her, all the most important answers in this story today must come from companies.

„This has nothing to do with the decisions I take and with me as a politician. We have different professional lives, and I may have the right to have my achievements and field of choice independent of my spouse's choices.

My professional life is separate, and other issues related to companies are for the companies to decide, not for me,“ explained Ms Navickienė.

The Party Council of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democratic Union (TS-LKD) approved its list of candidates for the Seimas in single-mandate constituencies.

Navickienė's name is not yet on the list, as she said that she needed some time to think about her political future.

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