A new phase in catering: smart technology makes people’s jobs easier

Astorija Brasserie, a favourite restaurant of Vilnius residents and visitors, has taken advantage of the pandemic period to renovate. The restaurant has been refurbished with a new interior and a smart room management system to optimise work processes and ensure safety.

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Jun 15, 2022, 2:10 PM

The company ELMAVA took care of the restaurant’s lighting and smart systems. According to Sergej Černikov, the renovation manager, the restaurant has been in continuous operation for more than 20 years, which is why the need for modern changes has grown over the decades.

„New interiors, underfloor heating, and innovative lighting were the main objectives of the restaurant’s renovation, which we have successfully completed. In the past, the lighting and temperature of the rooms had to be controlled by many switches. In order to optimise these processes, it was decided to integrate the ABB Free@home system in the restaurant, which will allow the lighting and temperature to be controlled at the touch of a few buttons,“ says Mr Černikov about the renovation.

Automated lighting

According to the renovation manager, lighting is a crucial aspect of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant. „The lighting in Astoria’s restaurant is now adjusted according to the time of day: in the morning, the restaurant is very bright. At lunchtime, the lighting is dimmed, and in the evening, dusk is created. We can program this change in lighting automatically, so staff no longer have to do it manually. At the touch of a button on the monitor, the lighting will change,“ says Mr Černikov about the modern solution.

Efficient use of energy

ELMAVA’s representative adds that the installed room management system will also be economically beneficial – the restaurant’s heating can be controlled on display, set to ECO mode, or the temperature can be reduced/increased as required.

Marjan Sadocha, the ABB sales specialist, also reveals that the ABB Free@home system has all the functions required for building management.

„It is not overloaded with redundant, rarely used functions, which is why the price of the system is attractive for the user, without having to overpay for functions that they may never use. If required, a telephone lock, security, audio or lighting control system, as well as home appliances can be connected to ABB-free@home. Many smart systems can be controlled via the single ABB-free@home app,“ emphasises Mr Sadocha.

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