The SBA furniture company Inno Line plans to install a solar power plant which should meet 25% of its electricity needs

Inno Line, a furniture factory of the SBA Group, which operates in the Klaipėda district, has plans to build a 3.5 MW solar power plant on the roof of its building, and will soon be announcing a tender for the contract. This plant is expected to be operational by early summer, and is expected to meet 25% of the company's annual energy demand.

Ramūnas Marozas.
Ramūnas Marozas.
Inno Line.
Inno Line.
Inno Line factory.
Inno Line factory.
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Nov 7, 2023, 4:28 PM

„Sustainability and minimising our environmental impact, this is one of our guiding principles. To this day, just like all other SBA Group companies, we have only purchased green electricity i.e., electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Now, we have decided to go one step further and produce it ourselves. The planned investment in this solar power plant is €2.3 million. The investment in it should pay off within 7 years“, said Ramūnas Marozas, CEO of Inno Line.

He said that the benefits of the solar power plant will be palpable, especially during energy price spikes in the future, during which it will help the company manage its costs efficiently.

„We had already been planning to install a solar power plant when we designed the Inno Line factory to be built in the SBA Industrial Innovation Valley near Klaipėda, and so we specially adapted the roof to make the installation smoother and faster. We expect the plant to generate around 3,260 MWh of electricity per year, and the solar modules will cover around 37,000 square metres of the roof,“ said Vidas Mišeikis, Technical Director of SBA Home, a company that unites 4 SBA furniture factories.

He has remarked that a tender for the contract will be launched soon, and that the solar plant will be operational in June next year. Inno Line is financing most of the project itself, with the State providing around 13% of the funding.

A 1 MW solar power plant has been operating for 4 years on the roof of another SBA herd producer, Klaipėdos Baldai. It provides about 8% of the company's annual energy needs.

The installation of solar power plants on the roofs of other SBA Group companies is also being considered.

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