Uspaskich is aligning himself with the Labour Party again: he criticised „rats fleeing from a sinking ship“

On Tuesday, the Labour Party Council will meet in Raseiniai and discuss whether it should participate in the October elections by forming a coalition of political forces. Viktoras Uspaskich, former chairman of the party, will also attend the meeting with the Labour Party. The outgoing European Parliament (EP) politician believes that the members of the political organisation invited him to discuss the party's future.

Viktoras Uspaskichas.<br>M. Patašius photo.
Viktoras Uspaskichas.<br>M. Patašius photo.
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Jul 2, 2024, 12:28 PM, atnaujinta Jul 2, 2024, 12:29 PM

However, the politician does not answer whether this means that Uspaskichas intends to renew his membership and run for Parliament with the Labour Party.

„The parties are inviting me,“ he told Elta on Monday. On Tuesday, he asked about the party's council.

After the Labour Party suffered a fiasco in the last two elections and long-standing members decided to resign, the honorary chairman has previously offered to help financially and with managerial advice. Asked whether he had been invited to do just that – to rescue a crumbling political force – Mr Uspaskich said he would get to know the actual situation inside the party tomorrow.

„I don't know whether to rescue or not to rescue – we'll see tomorrow, we'll talk“, he said.

However, the MEP noted that the Labour Party, not alone, should probably participate in the Seimas elections.

„We need to unite; we need all those who have little but are in the same niche – we need everyone to unite“, said Uspaskichas.

He would not say whether he would seek a seat in the Seimas

Uspaskich has currently suspended his membership of the Labour Party. He took this decision after it emerged that the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT) had searched the Labours' headquarters to investigate possible links with the politician himself.

When asked whether he was considering renewing his party membership, Mr Uspaskich did not clarify. He also did not say whether returning to the party's formats meant he intended to participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

„You will find out a little later. I don't need any posts – neither mandates nor posts“, he said.

The politician continued that the decision to discuss the future of the Labour Party is an expression of solidarity with former comrades.

„As the party's founder, I am one of the captains. After all, I am still the honorary chairman after the suspension of my membership; this position is not suspended. Something has to sink with the ship. One of the captains has to go down with the ship in solidarity,“ he said graphically.

He made no secret of criticising the „rats running away from the ship“

Uspaskich spared no criticism for the party members who, according to him, decide to withdraw from its ranks when a political force is not having the easiest of times.

„I am the kind of person who would like to keep the ship afloat. Some rats are already escaping“, said the MEP.

Asked whether he was referring to former party chairman Andrius Mazuronis, Mr Uspaskich said the opposite.

„I am not referring to anyone“, he assured.

The long-time leader of the Labours' Party did not hide his resentment that more than one former member of the political force had used the Labour Party.

„There were too many rats who used the Labour Party and ran away. As an orderly (politician – ELTA), the Labour Party was the first and only party. I was neither a Communist nor a Communist. I have one of the cleanest biographies of any politician, even though I was born in Russia,“ said Mr Uspaskich.

Therefore, continuing with metaphors, the MEP reiterated that „there must be a captain with a ship“.

„Either sail or sink – but together. I am certainly not running away from a sinking ship – I am just coming to support, to be in solidarity,“ he insisted.

„The party still has a good structure, a lot of good, experienced people, a lot of former members of the Parliament, municipal councillors. So, the potential is there, the experience is there. There is no fire. And the fire depends on the leadership“, he concluded.

ELTA recalls that the Labour Party has recently been facing not only law enforcement problems but also political problems. After the unsuccessful presidential and European Parliament (EP) elections, Mazuronis resigned from the post of party chairman. Last Friday, he also resigned from the party.

A few months ago, Vigilijus Jukna, Ieva Kačinskaitė-Urbonienė and Viktoras Fiodorovas, members of the Seimas, also decided to leave the Labour Party.

The Labour Party also lost its faction in the Seimas when Valdemaras Valkiūnas resigned.

The Speaker of the Seimas, Valentinas Bukauskas, has been appointed interim chair.

Faced with internal challenges and the withdrawal of members, the Labours' Council began to consider the possibility of joining the Party of Regions of Lithuania, but in the end, it was decided to participate in the upcoming Seimas elections independently and not to associate with any political forces.

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