Skipping breakfast and getting back to work as quickly as possible at lunch – how does the pace of the city change eating habits?

The fast pace of life is also adjusting our daily habits, and an opinion poll shows that breakfast often suffers, with as many as 12% of respondents saying they do not eat it. Lunch is usually a 21–30 minute meal, and the rest of the time is spent on daily tasks and rushing back to work, according to a public opinion poll commissioned by Narvesen.

Kristina Pišniukaitė-Šimkienė.
Kristina Pišniukaitė-Šimkienė.
Saulius Žilėnas.
Saulius Žilėnas.
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Mar 31, 2023, 3:53 PM

However, even in such a short time, it is important for many people to eat tasty and quality fast food, and experts offering snacks note that the bar is only rising, which encourages them to stretch themselves by offering updated menus and establishing partnerships with blogs and culinary experts who are living up to the modern food trends.

A public opinion survey has shown that the lunch break is far from just for lunch. 39% of respondents say they also use their lunch break for coffee or other hot drinks with colleagues in addition to eating, while 27% say they return to work after eating, and 20% go for a walk.

Modern habits often adjust breakfast choices too. According to the opinion poll, as many as 12% of people do not eat breakfast, and almost half of the respondents – 41% – say they take 5–10 minutes to eat it.

Spinter Research conducted the opinion poll on behalf of Reitan Convienence Lithuania, which operates the Narvesen chain of stores, from 18–27 February, with 1,012 respondents surveyed.

Fast and healthy – compatible?

On the way to a meeting, in front of a computer screen or just in the car – it is noticeable that more and more city dwellers are eating lunch in this way as they live in a busy city. However, the growing focus on well-being is driving the search for quality fast food that is not only filling but also high quality, tasty and reflects modern trends.

Kristina Pišniukaitė-Šimkienė, the author of recipe books and the creator of the well-known blog „Ant medines lenteles“, has repeatedly mentioned that she tries to incorporate these trends in her recipes, both when cooking at home and when sharing them with her audience.

„It's all really compatible,“ she said, presenting the new menu, created in collaboration with the Narvesen team, „It's important to make food appealing, nutritious, tasty and easy to eat, whether you're cooking at home or eating out in the city, you don't want to take too long to get there. So the new menu fully reflects what modern fast food should look like for the modern urbanite in a hurry, which can be eaten not only on the way to a meeting but also to take home or bring to a picnic with friends.“

Gourmet snacks without taking too long

Pitas, galettes, falafel salad, Asian noodle salad, tuna sandwiches, nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies or the superfood Spanish sage seed pudding, all delivered to customers with quality fast food that's designed to manage when time is short.

„We are seeing changing food habits, with more and more people demanding more from their snacks – new and unexpected flavours, nutritious ingredients and quality. These changes in society are encouraging, and when we see people's expectation not only to have a meal at lunchtime but also to take care of the things they have planned, we are happy to offer a solution,“ says Saulius Žilėnas, CEO of Reitan Convenience Lithuania, which operates the Narvesen chain of stores.

The new snack bar concept has been designed to adapt to the changing urban culture, where attitudes towards food and cafes are constantly changing, and the modern city dweller wants more than just the usual snacks. In addition, the evolving coffee culture is also changing, and for the first time, you will be able to make your own Caffeine organic coffee, flavoured with your choice of ingredients.

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