Businesses chooses expantion at Urban HUB Kaunas

Things are busy at the Urban HUB, which is scheduled to open in May next year. It's about more than just the builders working in the business campus developed by the SBA Group. Businesses are also already drawing up interior design concepts; they are determined to work out every detail to ensure that their clients would find everything they need and want to return to the new spaces in Urban HUB.

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Lonas will also offer partner services

„We believe in this project and its long-term success. We have no doubt that it won’t be long before more and more customers discover the benefits that these places offer,“ said Domas Jakutis, the CEO of the company Lonas, which specialises in producing beds, mattresses, and bedroom accessories.

The most important influenced for the decision to open up a new store in Urban HUB in Kaunas is behind the team developing the project „The company and the people with whom a long-term lease agreement will be signed, their values, the reputation of the location, convenient transportation, parking possibilities, other businesses situated nearby, colleagues, and competitors.“

„The flexibility of the rental plan is also important: we have the freedom to move however we want. We appreciate both the concept of the Urban HUB as a whole in attracting sustainable businesses, and the factor of customer orientation – the customer will not only be able to buy the goods or services they need; they will also be able to spend quality time here,“ the CEO of Lonas added.

At the Urban HUB in Kaunas, Lonas has planned on opening the store of 465 m2 of warehouse and exhibition space. „We usually deliver large products to buyers with our transport, but in the Urban HUB showroom, we will be able to hand over the products we have immediately to the customer. Right there and straight away,“ said the CEO of Lonas. „We will set up the showroom in such a way that it will be easy for customers to select and drop off the products on display. Of course, we will also be able to offer a greater variety of products in the showroom.“

When asked about the most significant feature of the company's showroom in the Urban HUB in Kaunas, D. Jakutis pointed out one particularly relevant benefit to customers: Lonas aims to offer a broader range of services to its clients – this including inviting a partner to display themselves in all their true colours. „This partner will provide customers with non-standard design and manufacturing services for solid furniture for the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room alike.“

It will become a kind of city gateway

„This is the first retail project of this size in Kaunas County to take place after a break of several years,“ said Marius Prieskenis, CEO of SBA URBAN Real Estate Leasing, while signifying the unique location of the project: the Urban HUB is being built in Biruliškės, close to the A6-A1 Road link, which is essential for Kaunas and the Kaunas district.

„Highlight is on the A6 road, which links to Kaunas LEZ, Kaunas Airport and the cities of Jonava and Ukmergė. These routes are used by large numbers of people and businesses employees – many people from Jonava and Ukmergė work in Kaunas, and vice versa; and some businesses in Jonava and Ukmergė attract employees from Kaunas. The Kaunas LEZ in the neighbourhood is also growing steadily“ – M. Prieskenis is very much convinced of this.

„I dare to say that, with its location, the Urban HUB Kaunas project can rightfully claim that it will become a kind of gateway to the city – a former green field will be transformed into a centre defined by an exceptional architecture and layout,“ adds M. Prieskenis.

The Urban HUB is currently undergoing the first phase of its construction, which is expected to be completed in spring 2024. It has already been announced that Urban HUB Kaunas will be home to an IKI shopping centre, which should be completed in the autumn of next year, and the unique business, retail, logistics, services and entertainment campus in its entirety is scheduled for completion by 2026.

The largest in the Baltic region

„We are trying to create a convenient everyday shopping area – a retail park. We are segmenting specialised retail operators in inner avenues. We foresee in the future a segmentation of businesses based on the affinity of their activities – customers will feel the benefits provided by such a solution, as it will make it much easier and quicker for a person to find the goods or services that they need. We are also planning to open a conference centre, as well as service and catering businesses“, said M. Prieskenis.

The design and construction of the Urban HUB will include the creation of a customer-friendly infrastructure, with a large car park, pedestrian and cycle paths, and green spaces adjacent to the first four buildings. The project focuses on architecture details and spaces where employees and customers can relax and feel comfortable.

According to M. Prieskenis, today's businesses are interested not only in workplaces but also in an environment that is friendly to people and adapted to their needs. „This is why the project will be certified under the BREEAM standard,“ he added.

For both business start-ups and expanding business

The Urban HUB will provide opportunities for even more businesses to open their doors in the Kaunas region – companies will be able to set up modern premises, and will have more opportunities to expand their operations and create new jobs for residents.

According to M. Prieskenis, those intent on expanding their businesses are strongly influenced by maintenance costs. „This factor is as important as rising interest rates,“ he comments as he shares his experience. And so, the Urban HUB in Kaunas will be built in accordance with the principle of sustainability and will have an A++ energy efficiency rating. It will also feature an infrastructure that includes electric charging stations.“

It is planned that around 50 businesses will be located in the Urban HUB after the completion of the first phase. The space will accommodate offices and businesses looking for warehouse and retail space and cafés.

„We also have something to offer to those who want to settle in specialised premises combining office and warehouse areas, or retail space and warehouse areas,“ adds M. Prieskenis. The Urban HUB commercial campus as a whole will cover an area of almost 70,000 m2.

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