A new party is founded: former Social Democrat Bielskienė becomes Chairwoman

On Wednesday, a new political party, KArtu. Kairiųjų aljansas (Together. Left Alliance), was established in the capital. Jolanta Bielskienė, a former social democrat, was elected Chairwoman of the political force at the founding festival.

Partijos „KArtu“ steigimo festivalis.<br>O.Gurevičiaus/ELTA nuotr.
Partijos „KArtu“ steigimo festivalis.<br>O.Gurevičiaus/ELTA nuotr.
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May 2, 2024, 9:59 AM, atnaujinta May 2, 2024, 10:02 AM

„A historic event has occurred – the founding of KArtu.Left Alliance, left-wing political party in Lithuania. And the elected leader Jolanta Bielskienė became the party's chairperson,“ Andrius Bielskis, a party's Ethics Commission member, told Elta on Wednesday.

According to Bielskis, the party secretariat and Ethics Commission were also elected during the founding festival, and the political force's programme was presented.

According to Bielskis, KArtu. Left Alliance was founded by 2093 persons. The law stipulates that at least 2,000 citizens may find a party in Lithuania.

„We are happy that a lot of young people have joined, a lot of intellectual people, students from the best universities in Lithuania“, commented one of the party's founders.

After the founding festival, the left leaders will apply to the Ministry of Justice and submit all the necessary documents for the party to be officially registered.

„We will submit all the documents to the Ministry of Justice as soon as possible. And then we hope that sooner rather than later, a decision will be taken confirming the official establishment of the party“, Bielskis explained.

According to KArtu. Left Alliance, the new political force, is an alternative to the currently dominant right-wing politics and the doctrine of neoliberal capitalism.

„Only a strong left-wing political party can respond to growing poverty and inequality, deteriorating health, education and cultural conditions, and the threat of the climate crisis. We must prepare Lithuania for the future,“ reads the party's website.

„We are building a party for the future—for a strong political left. We are not a populist party that emerges for elections, then disintegrates and defects to other parties. We are an ideological party, an ideological group of people, and our goal is a distant future,“ Bielskis told Elta on Wednesday.

The party's programme outlines 12 steps „for a just, solidarity and caring society“. The left stresses the importance of meaningful work without exploitation, advocates an economy for nature and man, sees nature as the basis of life and argues that restoring nature means restoring coexistence. It also emphasises no fear of poverty and disease, a local and sustainable food system, arts and culture accessible to all, studies and science without restrictions, a home for everyone, the right to a body and a dignified life, and a safe Lithuanian society.

„More economic democracy, more social justice, more emphasis on culture, education, stronger public sector funding, shorter working week“, Bielskis added.

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