Even from Australia to Klaipėda: tech talents discover the Lithuanian seaside

Although for a long time the Lithuanian seaside was associated only with holidays and the port industry, the region has recently seen a growing number of modern technology companies start their operations or open offices. More and more highly skilled professionals are discovering Klaipėda as a long-term or seasonal workplace as the city's tech community grows and the demand for them increases. Hybrid or teleworking models are also becoming popular, offering flexibility and mobility opportunities for employees.

Artūras Lazejevas.
Artūras Lazejevas.
Kristina Postornak.
Kristina Postornak.
Ilona Bernotaitė.
Ilona Bernotaitė.
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Aug 28, 2023, 4:28 PM

Artūras Lazejevas, who moved to Klaipėda from Šiauliai with his family at the very beginning of the pandemic and is the Chief Technology Officer of Whatagraph, a start-up marketing analytics platform, says that this decision was well thought out and proved to be a success. According to him, the specifics of working in IT allow one to work from anywhere in the world, thus other aspects were high on his priority list.

„My wife and I were considering different relocation options for life and work. We have travelled to many countries and were able to choose a life outside of Lithuania, but Klaipeda was our ultimate choice. It's a compact city with plenty to do after work, a quick bike ride to the sea and a chance to relax in nature. On the weekend, Smiltyne or Juodkrante can be reached easily. There are theatres and concerts, just like in other big cities. In summer, the city boosts up: almost every weekend, there are various festivals and events that attract many people. In winter, it's quiet, and you can take a break from the hustle and bustle,“ says Mr Lazejevas.

Both Lithuanians and foreigners have settled here

Since his arrival in Klaipėda, Artūras has joined the Klaipėda-based technology community Commit Klaipėda, participating in its meetings, interviewing speakers, and contributing to the organisation of events. According to him, an active community and the involvement of like-minded people gives the city more potential. The positive outlook makes Klaipėda attractive not only to Lithuanians but also to professionals worldwide.

„Other cities can seem stressful – lots of noise, long distances, and if you want to relax in nature, you'll have to get in the car. We have lots of examples of people moving to Klaipėda, even from Australia and other foreign countries. In Lithuania, the difference is even smaller – the city only becomes relevant if you are „tied“ to the office. When the talents themselves are important, and not their location, other opportunities open up“, says A. Lazejevas.

Kilo Health is a well-known employer in Lithuania and one of Central Europe's fastest-growing technology companies. According to Ilona Bernotaitė, the company's Chief People Officer , several of Kilo Health's co-founders come from Klaipėda, and although the company's headquarters are in Vilnius, an office has been opened in the port city, which is home to a large number of employees, especially during the warmer months.

„Klaipėda is definitely a great choice for remote working. We are seeing a trend that more and more excellent professionals are choosing the Klaipėda as their permanent place of residence. It has it all: the sea, the sun, Palanga Airport, excellent connections to other major cities in the country, the tranquillity of a resort town, but at the same time, the infrastructure and amenities of a major city,“ she says.

Informal community sharing experiences

Two years ago, the idea of the Commit Klaipėda community was revived. It brings together highly qualified professionals in technology and related fields. Informal meetings are held regularly, where guest speakers share their experiences. According to Kristina Postornak, interim director of the city's investment and business development agency Klaipėda ID, these discussions are often protracted, and the community itself is the envy of even professionals in the capital.

„We receive requests from specialists in Vilnius or Kaunas to broadcast the meetings. But we aim to create informal, immediate communication. All speakers participate free of charge, and people from other cities are eager to come and learn about the format,“ says K. Postornak.

She said future plans include more significant events, such as a hackathon to solve one of Klaipėda's challenges. „There is a lot of potential for the community to grow“, she says.

Demand for technology in the city is growing

Klaipėda aims to attract tech talent, start-ups and existing companies. According to Virginija Ketlerienė, Regulatory Affairs Project Manager at Klaipėda ID, the port city is an important logistics centre (a seaport, a railway junction, and highways), and there is a large number of manufacturing companies that will need innovations and modern technology solutions in the near future.

„An offshore wind farm is currently in the plans and will attract many complementary businesses. The market is not filled at the moment, we are talking about the digitalisation and robotisation of manufacturing and other sectors, so there is already a need for highly skilled professionals, and there will be a need for even more in the near future,“ says Ms Ketlerienė.

She points out that Klaipėda City Municipality provides various financial incentives for professionals relocating here, can offer office space, and in recent years has received more and more interest from both Lithuania and foreign countries.

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